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Argent Engraving

Pikachu Pokemon Hanging Lightup Mason Jar Terrariums

Pikachu Pokemon Hanging Lightup Mason Jar Terrariums

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This was a pair of awesome thrifted finds - these plaques had fairy lights installed with mason jars. I saw them and tried to think of a neat option for them and while visiting the Toy and Antique Mall here in Louisville I found a few small Pikachu figurines, and I decided I wanted them as mini terrariums. The plaque has two designs - one of a mandala-like Pokeball, and one with sillouettes of Pokemon in a Pokeball shape. The prior has a Pikachu who's ready to get into a tussle. The latter has a happy Pikachu sitting on a stone. Both light up with batter powered fairy lites. 


Note: I didn't glue these down, so there will be some shifting if you order these. So you might need to move your Pikachu, the stones or moss around some.

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